Second round NBA playoffs: Memphis-Oklahoma city, and Miami-Boston

I got burned in the first round by Orlando and San Antonio. But who didn’t? +26 so far in my one man betting game.

(4) Oklahoma City and (8) Memphis

Well, this isn’t the series people expected. Memphis has size that few teams can match, and I’m not sure Oklahoma counts. Sure they have Perkins and Ibaka, but Ibaka isn’t exactly strong; he’s a high jumper (and according to the dunk contest a long jumper.) Tony Allen and Battier will make the game difficult for Durant and Westbrook. However, home court advantage gives a slight edge to Oklahoma City.

Prediction: 7 games, Oklahoma City

3 to Oklahoma City

(2) Miami and (3) Boston

This one is difficult to analyze. Miami is easily the better team right now, but Boston’s defense of loading the strong side has frustrated the Heat. After Perkins was traded, Boston struggled, but that was because of their offense. Against New York, an offensive elixir, they’ve regained their torrid shooting. I think Boston could steal this one. Pierce defends Lebron fairly well, Garnett can control Bosh, and Wade has been horrible. I think Miami still wins in most instances, but it’s not their best match-up.

Prediction: 7 games, Miami

5 to Miami

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